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Oahu Roofing Inspection Services

When you call us, one of our first tasks is to inspect your roof. You can be sure to let them know if there are any problems. This is an example of a thorough inspection.

  • Broken or missing Shingles
  • Shingles that are beginning to buckle
  • Broken or missing coping on the roof
  • If you have any evidence of unprofessional past work,
  • Fascias molded or rotted
  • Water damage signs in your home
  • Leakage around windows or skylights
  • Seals for skylights and windows
  • Gutters that require repair or replacement
  • Trees that are close to your home
  • Roof debris
  • Mold, algae, or fungus around the roof.

Our roofers are trained to identify any issues and help you make informed decisions about the best way to fix them. We will work with your budget if you feel that you have to replace your roof.

We’ll answer all of your questions and explain why we made the decision. This process will go more smoothly if you do your research and choose the right roofing company.

All our roofing services include a yearly inspection. It can be expensive to replace or repair your roof. We want to prevent major expenses down the line. Ask about warranties. It might surprise you to learn how many roof repairs are covered by the warranties. To avoid huge costs later on, it’s a smart decision to invest a small amount in a quality warranty. If storm damage occurs, make sure you have all your warranty information and contact your roofing company immediately.

Keep in mind that warranties typically cover your roof for between 15 and 30 years. However, damage from severe weather or storms is often not covered by most warranties. You should be clear about what your warranty covers. Also, plan to have yearly inspections so that your roof remains in good working order for as long as possible.

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